10 Reasons to Meet in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a global marketplace that links the economics of mainland China and Asia with major markets worldwide. It is strategically located in the heart of the world's fastest-growing economies and offers a sophisticated infrastructure, easy accessibility, business-friendly environment, and professional expertise. The vibrant lifestyles of Hong Kong have converged to become what is recognized as Asia's premier destination.

Hong Kong is "The World's Meeting Place"

  1. Visa-free access for citizens from 170 nations

  2. "The Freest Economy in the World" - American Heritage Institute

  3. State of the art Airport, HKG & Largest airlift in Asia

  4. Fixed exchange rate with the US dollar, $1USD = $7.9HKD

  5. Culinary & wine capital of Asia

  6. Safe, secure city

  7. No sales Tax, no VAT, no GST

  8. Award Winning Convention Centers, AWE & HKCEC

  9. Outstanding hotels, hospitality and service

  10. Within 5 a hour flight from 60% of the world's population


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